Cambridge Information Group (CIG) is a family owned global investment firm with a focus on information services, education and technology. Our team has completed over 30 investments during the 2002-2013 period and we are continuously expanding our areas of investment expertise across other industries.  Currently, the CIG family of companies employs more than 3,000 people in 26 countries.


CIG builds companies for long-term success by reinvesting in the growth and development of existing portfolio companies as well as acquiring new businesses with sustainable growth and profitability. Our long-term investment perspective and commitment of personal time and resources differentiates us from traditional sources of private capital.


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CIG is primarily focused on education, research, and information services companies. Under the same family stewardship since it was founded in 1971, CIG focuses on building companies for long-term success. Our portfolio companies employ more than 2,100 people in over 70 offices worldwide.

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Cambridge Information Group
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